Great Filter

– Boss, we seem to have a problem with the simulation.

– Hmmm?

– It’s… slowing down. More precisely, a large and exponentially growing fraction of our time is consumed simulating an almost vanishingly small subvolume…

– A bug?

– We’ve looked into that, but no, it doesn’t look like a bug. Rather, a tiny volume of self-organizing complexity has started to produce quantum superpositions that are very hard on the solver.

– Ah, I remember now, that happened before. You’ll have to clear the subvolume. Randomize it until the problem goes away.

– Yes, boss. But… shouldn’t we study it? I know it sounds impossible, but these superpositions almost look as if they were designed to soak up resources.

– Good Lord! We don’t have that kind of budget, and you know it. Clear the volume!

– Yes, boss.



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